Slot Nuts and Clamping Rails

with "spring back"

Slot Nuts and Clamping Rails with "spring back"


Slot Nuts and Clamping Rails are used to attach all sorts of components to our MMS-aluminium profiles. We have now developed these further and equipped it with a "spring back".
Slot Nuts and Clamping Rails with "spring back" combine the following advantages in one component:
  • retrofitting in all MMS-44 profiles is easily possible
  • no slipping in the slot; easy to assemble, especially when installing in vertical profile slots
  • made of high-quality, galvanized steel with a large contact area on the back
We can now offer you the following versions:
Slot Nuts MMS44
with spring back

   thread M6    thread M8  
  44.0100.6   44.0100.8  


Clamping Rails MMS44
with spring back
2 x thread M8
2 x thread M8
2 x thread M8
   44.0145.1     44.0142.1  
The clamping rail 44.0142.1 was specially designed for fastening the base plates MMS44.
Please contact us so that we can create your personal offer for you. We would also be happy to send you a product sample.

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