Overhead Tracks

Overhead Tracks

We have developed two modular monorail feeding systems for supplying material to the assembly lines. The basis for these feed systems is a C-rail (shown in red in the application example) or a round tube.

These delivery systems are particularly suitable for:

  • "flexible parts" e.g. Cable sets or hose lines
  • "long slender parts" "e.g. Car steering systems, car exhaust systems, trim strips and other rods
  • "flexible parts" e.g. Car interior parts such as mats, covers, seat cushions and backrests, etc.

The filling of the delivery system can be done manually or automatically by a corresponding route wagon. The filling via a shooter system is also possible.

Both feeders have either an open or a closed loop. During open circulation, the hanger is removed from the feed system and manually transferred with or without a workpiece. When closed, the hanger remains in the feed system and is implemented with a "separation unit".

The realized solutions are always customer-specific solutions.


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