Safety Fences

As a classic part of our safety systems, the safety fence has become established. The protective fence consists of individual panels, which are bolted between two vertical posts.

Thanks to the stable construction, recesses for supply lines, transfer stations and the like are available and practically realizable at every point. To improve accessibility, e.g. in the case of maintenance, any panel may become a door by our stable, maintenance-free hinges.

Limited space conditions necessitate use of sliding doors for protective devices. Also with wide accesses, sliding doors are advantageous in order not to be an obstacle when doors are open.

At high closing frequency, the use of pneumatic drive cylinders is recommended in order to ensure the required smooth running. Corresponding interlocks and electrical safeguards are to be provided for all access variants.

Thanks to the corresponding edging profiles, the installation of various fillings is possible. According to the requirements of safety, optics and functionality, e.g. polycarbonate, perforated metal or wire mesh my be used.


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