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Kemmler+Riehle - MMS

Modular Mounting System

MMS - really big in every size

Extruded, anodized aluminum profile provides the basis of our modular mounting system – MMS.
Our aluminum profile is not only extremely durable, but has, thanks to its low weight with high
structural stability an optimal handling.

The different series of profiles (from 30x30 to 100x100 mm), with their large variety of components
provide a solution for all requirements in modern engineering applications.

In addition we have a number of special profiles, which are fully compatible with the standard profiles.
For example there are profiles for glazing, pneumatic applications or sliding doors.

The suitable attachment parts and functional components we develop from practice. This ensures that
the requirements of daily production are reflected in all design considerations. Constantly new solutions
for new tasks are developed.


MMS - flexibility in every aspect

The sum of the parts that make up our modular mounting system can be reduced to one word: flexibility.

Flexibility in planning, construction and modification of your production equipment. No matter if it is a
single workstation or a complete production line.

The growing pressure for innovation in the manufacturing industry is forcing ever shorter modification
and upgrade cycles. Who relies on a variable and flexible system can be relaxed about these changes.


MMS - a connection which holds

 The fixing of the profiles is achieved with a thoughtful standard part:



Using a specially developed jig, a hole is drilled in the profile. Alternatively, it can be stamped with a special punch.
A socket screw engages from above into the conical recess of the frontally inserted connector insert.

The protruding hammer is inserted in the groove of the profile, which is to be attached. Then the hammer is pulled
back to positively connect the profiles.

A number of variants of this connection system also allows other connection angles. End or long side connections are available.



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